How to find a remote job and rule the world from your bedroom?

Marcjanna Paszak Creative Marketer Growth Specialist
Apr' 19, 2016

More and more companies realise that the best ideas are not always born between 9 am and 5 pm and top talents do not necessarily live across the street, even if you are based in Silicon Valley. Also employees value flexibility above salary increase and remote job opportunities are on the rise…unfortunately most of them still in US, but Europe is slowly catching up.

You can choose to work as an independent contractor or freelancer looking for different projects or as a regular remote employee committed to a single company. Some people find freelance work too stressful or they can’t deal with lack of stable income, but for others this means freedom they always wanted. Signing a contract as a remote employee seems to be the best, optimal solution that gives you freedom and stability at the same time

Remote employment opportunities

After few minutes of browsing you’ll notice that most of the job openings come from North America and usually some time overlap is required. On the other hand there are companies that expand to new territories and they actually look for employees in different time zones. There are also occasional openings in Europe or fully remote companies that are running their operation from virtual headquarters.

Best websites with remote jobs

Working Nomads delivers fresh list of remote jobs opportunities to your mailbox as often as you require. It is possible to select from various categories: development, user experience, management, design, customer support, marketing or system administration.

We Work Remotely was created by true experts in the filed- 37 Signals founders and authors of bestselling book “Remote. Office not required.” The website offers broad range of remote jobs from programming and design to business executive.

Skip the Drive doesn’t require registration to start job browsing and it’s free to search and apply but you will find jobs posts from US-based companies mostly.

Flexjobs offers paid subscription and most of the companies are US-based. It’s worth checking ‘Job search tips and help’ section. It contains useful information about the remote job market, for example 100 Top Companies with Remote Jobs in 2015( or 15 High-Pay Careers with Flexible Work Options(

Virtual Vocations  has a very broad scope of remote jobs not only in technology. You need to subscribe to apply through the website and receive email notifications with jobs curated for you.

With AngelList you can search through jobs advertised by startups and apply directly with one click. Many of those companies offer possibility to work remotely- when you search for a job on AngelList, click on “Job Type” and choose “Remote OK.”

Powertofly is an excellent website for women in technology, but not only! You can find positions within marketing or sales as well. After creating your profile you will get matched with jobs that correspond with your skills. Each job starts with a paid trial that lasts between two and four weeks. This way you can really make sure the job is a good fit.

Best websites with remote jobs for web professionals

Remotejobs is a search engine that aggregates all remote jobs in one place. New jobs are added daily and you can subscribe to weekly email to receive updates.

Authentic Jobs portal gives you possibility to search for remote work just by hitting the ‘remote button’ or selecting ‘freelance’ category.

Dribbble is a well known portal for designers. In the jobs section you can select special category: ‘remote/ anywhere.’

On the  Stackoverflowcareers website in the location field you can specify ‘Allows Remote’ category. It is possible to BROWSE jobs and companies profiles and create your own profile but on invitation-only.

Ruby Now  is a job board that offers over 5000 jobs for ruby developers.

Nomad Center is another job portal that offers positions mainly in technology and with US-based companies but it’s worth checking from time to time.

Enjoy the hunt and let us know about other interesting sources that you use to search for remote work opportunities!

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